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Genshin Impact: Childe Build Guide

childe-tartaglia-name-card-genshin-impact Build Guide Best Weapons
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There are many things to consider while trying to build Childe in Genshin Impact. The Hydro user has a ranged stance that deals Physical DMG and a Melee stance when he activates the Elemental Skill that deals Normal ATK DMG. Many Genshin Impact players might think that Childe’s Elemental Skill causes Elemental Skill DMG, but that’s not the case.

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Therefore, it’s crucial to know what Tartaglia really needs to be a proper DPS. To get the best build for Tartaglia Childe in Genshin Impact, many hours have to be spent on finding the correct artifacts with the right stats, as well as finding the perfect weapon for the 11th Fatui Harbinger.

Childe Build In Genshin Impact


Best Weapon Best Artifact Artifact Stat
  1. Polar Star
  2. Thundering Pulse
  3. Hunter’s Path
  4. Aqua Simulacra
  5. Skyward Harp
  6. Amos’ Bow
  7. The Viridescent Hunt
  8. Blackcliff Warbow
  9. Mouun’s Moon
  10. Prototype Crescent
  11. Rust
  12. King’s Squire
  13. Hamayumi
  14. The Stringless
  15. Slingshot
  1. 4-Nymph’s Dream
  2. 4-Heart of Depth
  3. 2-Hydro DMG +15% + 2-Hydro DMG +15%
  4. 2-Hydro DMG +15% + 2-ATK +18%
  • Hourglass: ATK
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG Bonus
  • Headpiece: Crit Rate or Crit DMG
  • Sub-Stat priority: Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery

Childe Build – Best Weapon


Childe’s entire AoE DMG depends on his Riptide DMG and the ability to trigger it as much as possible. To find Childe best weapon in Genshin Impact, players should focus on maximizing his Crit Rate, and if that’s not available, then ATK% is his second priority.

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  1. Polar Star: Polar Star is Childe best weapon in Genshin Impact. The Bow grants Tartaglia an ongoing increase to his ATK% while he deals DMG.
  2. Thundering Pulse: With Thundering Pulse, Childe suffers from not having enough Crit Rate. Players must make sure Tartaglia is running with enough Crit Rate before taking advantage of all that DMG Thundering Pulse is going to offer.
  3. Hunter’s Path: Childe doesn’t fully benefit from Hunter’s passive, instead, he massively benefits from the amount of Crit Rate obtained from the Bow’s Substat.
  4. Aqua Simulacra: Same as Thundering Pulse. Aqua Simulacra offer Tartaglia a huge amount of Crit DMG and a decent passive, but should only be used if players have enough Crit Rate.
  5. Skyward Harp: A good Base ATK and increasing Childe’s Crit Rate and DMG are enough reasons to make Skyward among the best weapons for Childe in Genshin Impact.
  6. Amos’ Bow: A good ATK% Bow for Childe, although Amos’ passive is completely negligible.
  7. The Viridescent Hunt: Viridescent is one of the best 4-star weapons for Childe in Genshin Impact. The weapon’s passive doesn’t add that much to Tartaglia’s kit, but its Crit Rate Substat is what takes the win over the other 4-star Bows.
  8. Blackcliff Warbow: Blackcliff doesn’t offer Childe that much DMG other than its own CRIT DMG. Only use this Bow if Tartaglia had no other options.
  9. Mouun’s Moon: It’s only good to maximize Childe big numbers on his Elemental Burst.
  10. Prototype Crescent: Good for buffing Childe’s ATK. However, players must start with an aimed shot before entering Tartaglia’s Elemental Skill state.
  11. Rust: An R5 Rust is a great weapon on Tartaglia in Genshin Impact. The weapon grants Childe a big amount of DMG on his Normal attacks.
  12. King’s Squire: Good ATK% on Substat and the EM can come useful when Childe triggers Vaporize or Electro-charge. But due to how fast Childe can apply Hydro, he won’t frequently be able to trigger reactions. So, don’t forge this weapon just for Childe.
  13. Hamayumi: It’s a good weapon on Childe, but its passive is not the best since Childe will lose a big portion of his DMG if he kept his Burst hanging full.
  14. The Stringless: Again, EM on Childe isn’t fully beneficial due to how lacking he is with triggering reactions. However, Stringless’ passive does buff Childe’s Elemental Skill’s Riptide and Burst DMG, which can add a little bit of DMG to his kit.
  15. Slingshot: A great passive on a bow severely lacking the Base ATK stat. Slingshot is a good early-game weapon for Childe in Genshin Impact.

Childe Build – Best Artifact


Since he’s a pure DPS that depends on all his kit to deal DMG, Childe best artifacts in Genshin Impact should buff stats he scales with, like Hydro DMG, ATK%, or DMG in general.

  1. 4-Nymph’s Dream: Easily the best artifacts for Childe in Genshin Impact. Nymph’s Dream grants Tartaglia everything he needs, granting him up to 30% Hydro DMG and 25% ATK.
  2. 4-Heart of Depth: A 15% Hydro DMG and a 30% extra DMG on his Normal attacks put Heart of Depth among the best artifacts for Childe in Genshin Impact.
  3. 2-Hydro DMG +15% + 2-Hydro DMG +15%: If players can’t collect a full set of either Nymph’s Dream or Heart of Depth, then half sets of each is the way to go. A 30% Hydro DMG is huge for Childe, but not comparable to what one of these full sets can give him.
  4. 2-Hydro DMG +15% + 2-ATK +18%: Surprisingly, 15% Hydro and 18% ATK isn’t a bad combo on Childe, considering how many sets offer ATK% on their two-piece set effect.

Childe Talent Priority In Genshin Impact


Tartaglia Childe talent priority in Genshin Impact is Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst > Normal Attack. When Childe enters his melee stance, he uses the multiplier of his Skill, which makes it the most important talent. However, despite this, Childe’s Normal Attack is still useful due to it having two Riptide multipliers, so it should also be upgraded as high as possible.

Childe Talent Level Recommendation

  • Normal Attack: 10
  • Elemental Skill: 10
  • Elemental Burst: 10
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