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Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto Build Guide

Arataki Itto
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Many Geo characters in Genshin Impact utilize DEF for damage dealing, but among them, Arataki Itto is arguably the best. Itto converts DEF into ATK, somewhat similar to Noelle. However, as he’s a 5-star, it’s no surprise that his DPS far surpass Noelle’s. Itto’s playstyle revolves around the mix of Normal and Charged Attack, where players must work to gain Itto’s Superlative Superstrength stack before attempting to use his Charged Attack.

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As a DEF-centric character that uses Normal and Charged Attack, the list of viable equipment for Itto build in Genshin Impact is rather short.

Arataki Itto Build In Genshin Impact


Best Weapon Best Artifact Artifact Stat
  1. Redhorn Stonethresher
  2. Serpent Spine
  3. Skyward Pride
  4. Whiteblind
  1. 4-Husk of Opulent Dreams
  2. 4-Desert Pavillion Chronicle
  3. 4-Retracing Bolide
  • Hourglass: DEF
  • Goblet: Geo DMG Bonus
  • Headpiece: Crit Rate or Crit DMG
  • Sub-Stat priority: Crit Rate, Crit DMG, DEF, Energy Recharge, ATK

Arataki Itto Build – Best Weapon


There aren’t many ideal weapons for Itto build in Genshin Impact. This is because he doesn’t effectively work with ATK, although the stat is not at all useless.

  1. Redhorn Stonethresher: A great weapon for a lot of Claymore DPS thanks to its Crit DMG sub-stat. Its passive increases Itto’s Normal and Charged Attack DMG based on his DEF.
  2. Serpent Spine: Increases Crit Rate, and its passive boosts universal DMG.
  3. Skyward Pride: Great if Itto is struggling with Energy.
  4. Whiteblind: Amazing F2P option for Itto build; increases both DEF and ATK.

Arataki Itto Build – Best Artifact


There aren’t many artifact options for Arataki Itto build in Genshin Impact either, but here are a few that players can use:

  1. 4-Husk of Opulent Dreams: The absolute best set for Itto, but its domain has a low farming value as Ocean-Hued Clam is not a universal artifact.
  2. 4-Desert Pavillion Chronicle: Only use if a decent set is available. Its domain has a better farming value, so players can use unplanned pieces for the Oni. However, don’t farm it specifically for Itto.
  3. 4-Retracing Bolide: The domain has the worst farming value compared to the rest, but Retracing Bolide is one of the best universal sets, where a lot of DPS can use it. However, the provided DPS is also lower than the BiS artifact, so only use it if there’s already a decent set.

Arataki Itto Talent Priority In Genshin Impact


Arataki Itto talent priority in Genshin Impact is Normal Attack > Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill. Although his Elemental Skill doesn’t add anything to his Normal hits, Ushi still deals A TON of damage, which makes upgrading the bull highly worth it.

Arataki Itto Talent Level Recommendation

  • Normal Attack: 10
  • Elemental Skill: 10
  • Elemental Burst: 10
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