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Genshin Impact: Hu Tao Constellations Guide

Hu Tao
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Getting Constellation for a 5-star character can be a tough feat for F2P players, so it’s important to measure the worth of it. When it comes to Hu Tao’s Constellation in Genshin Impact, the highest worth lies in her C1, C3, and C6. Her C2 and C5 are also decent, while C4 is negligible.

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If players wish to learn what each of Hu Tao’s Constellations does and their worth, this article will provide a short overview of every Constellation’s priority, and why they earned themselves the aforementioned ranking.

Hu Tao C1 – Crimson Bouquet


Constellation Effect While in a Paramita Papilio state activated by Elemental Skill, Hu Tao’s Charge Attacks do not consume Stamina.
Priority Must Have
Category Playstyle Improvement

Hu Tao C1 is a Genshin Impact Constellation that any Hu Tao-havers must have. It allows players to endlessly spam her Charged Attack without worrying about losing stamina. Usually, a character’s best Constellation exists in their C2, but for Hu Tao, her C1 is game-changing.

Hu Tao C2 – Ominous Rainfall


Constellation Effect Increases the Blood Blossom DMG by an amount equal to 10% of Hu Tao’s Max HP at the time the effect is applied. Additionally, Elemental Burst will also apply the Blood Blossom effect.
Priority Medium
Category Damage Boost

Hu Tao C2 in Genshin Impact is a rather simple damage boost. Blood Blossom now scales better with Hu Tao’s HP upon application, and she can apply the effect in an AoE through her Elemental Burst.

Hu Tao C3 – Lingering Carmine


Constellation Effect Increases the level of Guide to Afterlife by 3.
Priority High
Category Skill Level

Since Hu Tao’s Skill is the star of her moveset, her C3 is amazing to have. Three extra levels on her Skill will surely increase her performance.

Hu Tao C4 – Garden of Eternal Rest


Constellation Effect Upon defeating an enemy affected by a Blood Blossom that Hu Tao applied herself, all nearby allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 15s.
Priority Low
Category New Effect

Hu Tao C4 is likely the most insignificant among all of her Constellations. A mere 12% increase with a restricting condition makes this effect not worth the trouble.

Hu Tao C5 – Floral Incense


Constellation Effect Increases the level of Spirit Soother by 3.
Priority Medium
Category Burst Level

As usual, C3 and C5 are a level boost. Hu Tao C5 increases her Burst level by 5; a decent addition, but not so significant.

Hu Tao C6 – Butterfly’s Embrace


Constellation Effect Triggers when Hu Tao’s HP drops below 25%, or when she suffers a lethal strike: Hu Tao will not fall as a result of the DMG sustained. Additionally, for the next 10s, all of her Elemental and Physical RES is increased by 200%, her CRIT Rate is increased by 100%, and her resistance to interruption is greatly increased. This effect triggers automatically when Hu Tao has 1 HP left and can occur once every 60s.
Priority Medium
Category New Effect

Hu Tao C6 is one of the most unique Constellation effects. This basically allows her to be close to immortal while capable of lashing larger damage at the same time. However, the 100% Crit Rate bonus may be quite an overkill as Hu Tao would already have a 60 to 75% Crit Rate anyway.

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