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Genshin Impact: Zhongli Build Guide

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Zhongli is undoubtedly one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. His shield offers a top-tier utility that no one can come close to. Zhongli prevents his teammates from taking damage while also destroying the idea of interruptions. Thanks to his buff, the Geo Archon can even lower the surrounding enemy’s RES to all kinds of damage.

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Zhongli build in Genshin Impact should ideally be designed to maximize his shield, but if players find his shield more than sufficient, then they can instead invest in offensive stats like Crit to enhance his Elemental Burst DPS.

Zhongli Build In Genshin Impact


Best Weapon Best Artifact Artifact Stat
  1. Black Tassel
  2. Favonius Lance
  3. Staff of Homa
  4. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  5. Skyward Spine
  6. Vortex Vanquisher
  7. Calamity Queller
  8. The Catch
  9. Deathmatch
  1. 4-Tenacity of the Millelith
  2. 4-Archaic Petra
  3. 4-Noblesse Oblige
  4. 4-Deepwood Memories
  • Hourglass: HP
  • Goblet: HP or Geo DMG Bonus
  • Headpiece: HP or Crit Rate or Crit DMG
  • Sub-Stat priority: HP, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Energy Recharge

Zhongli Build – Best Weapon


The weapons for Zhongli build in Genshin Impact are split into three versions; HP-increasing, support Polearm, and DPS equipment.

  1. Black Tassel: 3-star Polearm that enhances HP.
  2. Favonius Lance: Great to help battery the team.
  3. Staff of Homa: Increases HP and allows Zhongli to deal higher damage.
  4. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear: Passive can’t stack off-field, but still a great stat stick.
  5. Skyward Spine: Has high base ATK, but sub-stat is useless since Zhongli’s Burst only needs 40 Energy.
  6. Vortex Vanquisher: Like PJWS, passive can’t stack off-field, but still a great stat stick.
  7. Calamity Queller: This time, Zhongli can benefit from the passive since it’s great for off-field DPS.
  8. The Catch: Increases Burst DMG, but sub-stat is also unnecessary.
  9. Deathmatch: Has Crit Rate sub-stat that’s good for Zhongli’s DMG.

Zhongli Build – Best Artifact


There are several supportive artifacts that players can use for Zhongli build in Genshin Impact.

  1. 4-Tenacity of the Millelith: Increases HP and allows constant ATK buff for the team.
  2. 4-Archaic Petra: If players can keep triggering Crystallize, Zhongli will buff the team’s Elemental DMG when he picks up the Elemental Shard.
  3. 4-Noblesse Oblige: Better than Tenacity if players can’t hit enemies with Zhongli’s Skill.
  4. 4-Deepwood Memories: Viable to support Dendro DPS.

Zhongli Talent Priority In Genshin Impact


Zhongli talent priority in Genshin Impact is Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst. His shield scales with his Skill level, so it’s the most important to level up. Meanwhile, Burst talent doesn’t only increase Zhongli’s damage, but also his petrification duration, so it’s a good idea to level it up even if players don’t care about the Geo Archon’s DPS.

Zhongli Talent Level Recommendation

  • Normal Attack: 1
  • Elemental Skill: 10
  • Elemental Burst: 10
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